Subdivision & Land Development Plans

When a Subdivision or Land Development Plan is submitted to the Township, it goes through a very thorough review process.  The three (3) step process is as follows:

Step 1In-House (Staff) Review (Township Engineer, Zoning Officer, Manager, and York County Planning Commission)

Step 2Township Planning Commission (public meeting)

Step 3 Township Board of Supervisors (public meeting)

Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meeting agendas are published on the Township’s website homepage.


PLAN STATUS (as of 01.12.23)

PENDING Plans (under review by Township Staff; not yet approved)

~ Moove in Partners – Harvey Court; land development plan to demolish house & outbuildings and construct indoor and outdoor storage.

Powers & Almony  –  E. Tolna Road & Keeney Sunset Lane; 4 lot single-family subdivision (on hold by developer).

~ Presidential Heights Associates – preliminary subdivision plan for 152 residential dwellings.

~ Shrewsbury Commons Joint Venture – Elm Drive; land development for 550,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Smith Tract Land Development – Mt. Airy & E. Tolna Roads; 46 new single-family homes (55+ community) (on hold by developer).

Two Farms Inc. (Royal Farms)– E. Forrest Avenue & Wolfe Road; final land development for convenience store.

U.S. Industrial Club V Enterprises LLC “Hillwood” – Elm Drive; land development for 611,000 sq. ft. warehouse.


APPROVED Plans (conditional approval)

~ Chestnut Commerce Center & Market Place LLC – Elm Drive; consolidation and re-subdivision of two (2) parcels for a warehouse.

Shipley Family Limited Partnership  –  E. Forrest Avenue; subdivision for redevelopment.

~ Steel Farm Land LLC – Elm Drive; revised land development plan for a brewery.

Two Farms, Inc. (Royal Farms) – E. Forrest Ave & Wolfe Road; preliminary land development for convenience store.


RECORDED Plans (at York County Recorder of Deeds)

~ Allison, Craig & Amanda and Francis & Anna Butt – W. Clearview Drive; merger of two (2) lots.

~ Antique Markets LP & St. Paul Lutheran Church (Hametown) – Susquehanna Trail S; minor subdivision and two (2) lot merger.

~ Czahor, Christopher & Jera – Lakeside Drive; reverse subdivision plan to merge two (2) lots.

David Keller & Ellen Darby  –  Baltimore Street; land development for restaurant in Village of Seitzland.

Presidential Heights Associates  –  Buchanan Avenue; subdivision for 4 single-family lots.

Moove In Partners – Harvey Court; land development plan for additional storage buildings.

~ Rodick, Allan & Christine – Seitzland Road; subdivision of two (2) lots and merged with larger lot.

~ Spellman Properties, LLC – Elm Drive; land development plan for construction small warehouse.

Sussex Place Phase II – Mt. Airy Road; subdivision for 19 townhouses.



Ravenwoods at Shrewsbury  –  Mt. Airy Road; 198 new single family & townhouse homes (on hold by developer). Withdrawn by the developer.

~ Messina, Joseph & Josephine – 144 Manchester Street; land development plan for retail store. Denied by Township for lack of activity.