Subdivision & Land Development Plans

When a Subdivision or Land Development Plan is submitted to the Township, it goes through a very thorough review process.  The three (3) step process is as follows:

Step 1In-House (Staff) Review (Township Engineer, Zoning Officer, Manager, and York County Planning Commission)

Step 2Township Planning Commission (public meeting)

Step 3 Township Board of Supervisors (public meeting)

Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meeting agendas are published on the Township’s website homepage.

PLAN STATUS (as of 04.05.24)

PENDING Plans (under review by Township Staff; not yet approved)

~ LARICINA Land Development – Corner of Mt. Airy & E. Tolna Roads; land development plan for 46 new single-family homes (55+ community).

~ MIDSOMER MANOR – Windy Hill Road; subdivision plan to create 11 single-family dwelling lots.

~ NEW HAVEN – Kirchner Road; land development for construction of public road only to connect a new housing development in New Freedom Borough to Kirchner Road in the Township.

POWERS & ALMONY  –  E. Tolna Road & Keeney Sunset Lane; subdivision plan for 5 single-family dwelling lots.

~ PRESIDENTIAL HEIGHTS – Mt. Airy Road (south of Shrewsbury Commons Shopping Center); subdivision plan for 152 residential dwellings.

~ SHREWSBURY COMMONS JOINT VENTURE – Elm Drive; land development  for 550,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

U.S. INDUSTRIAL CLUB V ENTERPRISES LLC “HILLWOOD” – Elm Drive; land development plan for 611,000 sq. ft. warehouse.


APPROVED Plans (conditional approval; not yet recorded)

~ CARBAUGH – 13024 & 13024 Pleasant Valley Road; subdivision plan to add acreage to one of two residential parcels (existing developed lots).

~ DUN PAR HOLDINGS LLC – 836 E. Forrest Avenue; land development plan for redevelopment of former True Value Store property.

~ ROYAL FARMS – E. Forrest Avenue & Wolfe Road; final land development plan for convenience store.


RECORDED Plans (at York County Recorder of Deeds)