Zoning Hearing Board

Board Members

  • Chairman: Henry Young
  • Vice Chairman: Lawrence (Larry) Malone
  • Member: Ralph Perrone
  • Alternate Member: Scott Myers


  • Michael Craley

The Zoning Hearing Board meets as needed and generally on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm, as needed.  All meetings are advertised in advance regardless of the date.

Zoning Hearing Board members are township citizens chosen by the Board of Supervisors to serve a three (3) year term, which can be renewed. Zoning ordinances are designed to protect the public heath, safety, and welfare, and to guide growth in municipalities. Zoning hearing boards exist to help assure fair and equitable application and administration of the zoning ordinance. It is a “local court” for zoning matters. It can hear various appeals and can grant relief from the literal enforcement of the ordinance, as long as (just like any court) it does not depart from policy and procedures set forth in the zoning ordinance.