Subdivision & Land Development Plans

When a Subdivision or Land Development Plan is submitted to the Township, it goes through a very thorough review process.  The three (3) step process is as follows:

Step 1Staff Review (Township Engineer, Zoning Officer, Manager, and York County Planning Commission)

Step 2Township Planning Commission (public meeting)

Step 3 Township Board of Supervisors (public meeting)

Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meeting agendas are published on the Township’s website homepage.


The following Subdivision and/or Land Development Plans have been submitted to the Township and are currently under review:

Dun Management, LLC: Preliminary Subdivision Plan (526-530 Campbell Road, New Freedom)

               Cover Page

               Overall Subdivision Plan

Eitzert Farm – Lot 55: Final Subdivision & Land Development Plan (W. Railroad Street – adjacent to Shrewsbury Borough)

                Eitzert Farm – Sheet 1 of 5  Cover Page

                Eitzert Farm – Sheet 3 of 5 Subdivision Page


The following Subdivision and/or Land Development Plans have been conditionally approved by the Board of Supervisors and will be recorded at the York County Recorder of Deeds Office after all conditions have been met:

E-Squared Subdivision & Land Development Plan (adjacent to Glen Rock Borough, off of Valley Road)

Heathcote Glen III (Calhoun Road, Shrewsbury)

Midsomer Manor (Windy Hill Road, adjacent to Windy Hill Park)


The following Subdivision and/or Land Development Plan has been denied by the Board of Supervisors; appealed by the applicant with the York County Court of Appeals ruling in favor of Fox/VanVoorhis; appealed by the Township and is now before the Pennsylvania Superior Court:

Fox/VanVoorhis (Bower Road, New Freedom)

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  • Board of Supervisors

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