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EXIT 4 (I-83) CLOSURES – July 23rd – 26th Click for Details



July 28, 2021Continuation of July 7th Board of Supervisors     

July 7, 2021 – Board of Supervisors

July 21, 2021 – Planning Commission


PROPOSED Zoning Text Amendment for Group Home.  A recommendation will be rendered by the York County Planning Commission (YCPC) on August 24, 2021 and the Shrewsbury Township Board of Supervisors will review the YCPC recommendation on September 1, 2021.




New Municipal Campus (Admin & Maintenance Building) – Full plans can be viewed at the Township Office.


The Shrewsbury Township OFFICE REOPENED to the PUBLIC on Monday, APRIL 5th.  We look forward to seeing you again, in-person!






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