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TRASH & RECYCLING COLLECTION DELAYED – Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, all regular Penn Waste trash and recycling collections will be delayed one (1) day. Thursday customers will be collected on Friday and Friday customers will be collected on Saturday.


August 31st Flood – For the second time in about five weeks, portions of Shrewsbury Township were seriously impacted by flash flooding.  There are numerous locations that will require bridge or culvert pipe replacement/repairs, as well as road resurfacing, etc.  If you are a property owner that experienced flood damage, please report it to the York County Department of Emergency Services by clicking here and using their online reporting tool.  You can also request volunteer assistance with cleanup through crisiscleanup.org.

Please report any road damage to the Township by calling 717-235-3011 (ext. 101) or by emailing manager@shrewsburytownship.org .  If there is damage to a state road, please call the York County PennDOT Maintenance facility at 717-848-6230.

Shrewsbury Township is a member of the Southern Central York County Emergency Management Agency (SCEMA), which includes Glen Rock, Railroad & Shrewsbury Boroughs.  Follow SCEMA on FaceBook.


  • Line Road – between Short/Rehmeyer’s Hollow Road & Brillstick Road.  Closed indefinitely due to serious flood damage of a stream crossing.
  • Gemmill Road (West) – between Stewartstown Road & Cooper Road. Closed indefinitely due to structural damage of an iron grate bridge.
  • Gemmill Road East) – between Cooper Road & Deer Creek Road.  Closed indefinitely due to serious flood damage of a stream crossing.
  • Hametown Road – between Reservior Road & Glen Valley Road.  Closed until a stream culvert pipe can be replaced, which is anticipated by Wednesday, September 12, 2018.
  • Walker Road – between Baltimore Street & W. Clearview Drive.  Closed until an underwater inspection can determine if the bridge abutment at the Rail Trail overpass was undermined during the August 31, 2018 flood.

The Gemmill Road (East) stream crossing is shared with Hopewell Township and the Line Road stream crossings (2) are shared with North Hopewell Township.  These stream crossings will require full reconstruction, involving engineering/design and PA DEP permits.  We apologize for any inconvenience these closings will cause, and every effort is being made to expedite repairs; however, their closings are necessary for the safety of the public.  The photo is of Line Road.

NOTICE: Route 851 (Steltz Road) is now OPEN at the intersection of Smith Mill & Keeney Mill Roads.


NOTICE: Ordinance No. 2018-01 (well inspections / wellhead protection district) was adopted by the Board of Supervisors at their March 7, 2018 meeting.


A brief history…

Shrewsbury Township was  settled in 1739 and Incorporated in 1742 while a part of Lancaster County.  The Township was among the original 13 Townships that made up York County and one of the first municipalities to be established west of the Susquehanna River.

At the time Shrewsbury schoolTownship were formed, it included the area of the present-day Townships of Springfield, Hopewell, East Hopewell, and North Hopewell.

The first settlers in the area were mostly English and Scottish-Irish; other portions of the area were settled under Maryland land titles.

When the township was established, the majority of the citizens were English as reflected by the English name of Shrewsbury. The Germans began to locate in the township shortly after its formation, and many of the former English settlers sold their lands. Conflicting feelings arose between the border settlers in Pennsylvania and Maryland as a result of the aforementioned land titles, and the dispute was not resolved until 1767 through the establishment of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Shrewsbury Township comprises a total area of 29.20 sq. miles with 77.57 miles of township roads and 39.07 miles of state roads within its borders.

The boroughs of Shrewsbury, Railroad, New Freedom, and Glen Rock are incorporated within but have their own Twp Mapgovernments.


Shrewsbury Township

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