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Shrewsbury Township, was  settled in 1739 and Incorporated in 1742, while part of Lancaster County.  Shrewsbury Township was among the original 13 Townships that made up York County and one of the first municipalities to be established west of the Susquehanna River.

At the time the Townships were formed Shrewsbury included the present Townships of Springfield, Hopewell, East Hopewell and North Hopewell.

The first settlers in the area were mostly English and Scottish-Irish; other portions of the area were settled under Maryland land titles.

When the township was established, the majority of the citizens were English as reflected by the English name of Shrewsbury. The Germans began to locate in the township shortly after its formation, and many of the former English settlers sold their lands. Conflicting feelings arose between the border settlers in Pennsylvania and Maryland as a result of the aforementioned land titles, and the dispute was not resolved until 1767 through the establishment of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Location: Shrewsbury Township comprises a total area of 29.20 sq. miles with 77.57 miles of township roads and 39.07 miles of state roads within its borders.

The boroughs of Shrewsbury, Railroad, New Freedom and Glen Rock are incorporated within, but have their own governments. 

Municipal Building

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